Double Small Cake Pack

Double Small Cake Pack


Double Small Cake Pack



2 each of Flash Harry, Happy Shepherd, Magneto Burst, Ritzy Glitzy, Storm and Tequila Sunrise.


Every firework from standard Small Cake Pack but 2 of each instead of 1. Save £10.


Total of 12 fireworks for just £140.00


We reserve the right to change this pack if any element is sold out at the time of purchase. We will let you know before we take payment if this happens.

  • Product Details

    Shots: TBA
    Firing Pattern: Straight Up
    Duration: TBA
    Low Noise: Yes
    Safety Distance: 25m minimum
    Category: F3 - 1.3G

  • Payment & Delivery

    We will contact you to arrange delivery and collect payment.