Celtic 10-Pack

Celtic 10-Pack

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Cake 1 - 16-shots. Silver tail white strobe super crown, red tail double crown.


Cake 2 - 16-shots. Green tail purple green star spider king. Green tail green star to silver.


Cake 3 - 16-shots. Blue tail water blue super crown, red tail red green star to gold coco.


Cake 4 - 16-shots. Red tail red star gold spider, red tail red star silver crackle.


Cake 5 - 20-shots. Green tail green strobe super crown, red tail red strobe super crown, purple tail purple star to gold chrysanthemum.


Cake 6 - 20-shots. Red tail red wave white strobe, yellow tail purple wave green strobe, green tail purple green star with chrysanthemum flowers.


Cake 7 - 20-shots. Green tail green star gold strobe, blue tail red strobe to gold coco, red tail red star crackling.


Cake 8 - 10-shots. Chrysanthemum mine to chrysanthemum burst.


Cake 9 - 10-shots. Super crown mine, super crown burst.


Cake 10 - 40-shots. Green tail green star red strobe, blue tail blue star silver crackle, green tail green star white strobe, red tail red strobe gold spider, silver tail silver crackle.

  • Product Details

    Shots: 184
    Firing Pattern: Straight Up
    Low Noise: No
    Safety Distance: 8m minimum (15m recommended)
    Category: F2 - 1.3G

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